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Photo by E. Anthony Valainis - Indianapolis Monthly


Remember the home your parents or grandparents owned? Chances are, it was filled with distinctive touches that set it apart from the house next door.

Oak floors, crown molding, window boxes, pocket doors, a big inviting kitchen, and nooks and crannies all its own.

Times change. Building trends come and go. But some things stay the same: the desire to have a home that's every bit as distinctive as the great American homes of the past. And the need to build that home in a way that assures it will stand the test of time.

That's what we do at Bear Lake Trading Company. We design your home to fit the way you live now — and to meet your needs for many years to come. Then we build it the old-fashioned way. With the finest materials shaped and assembled by the most outstanding crafstmen in Michigan. Without compromise. Ever.




Photo by E. Anthony Valainis - Indianapolis Monthly

Every Bear Lake Trading Company home is a blend of your individuality and our expertise. Your dreams and the award-winning designs of our staff architects and decorators. Your needs and our knowledge of how best to fulfill them.

And that's not the only difference in a Bear Lake Trading Company home. There's a spirit of old-fashioned workmanship in every Bear Lake Trading Company project that we think you'll find refreshing. We care about the work we do. And it shows — from the way we adhere to strict construction schedules to our concern for the tiniest design detail in the most out-of the-way corner.