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Yard remodeling amplifies living space
By: Susan C. Lawson
Photos by: E. Anthony Vilainis

An outdoor living space specifically designed for elegance and convenience can transform a traditional swimming pool setting into a back yard Caribbean resort. Comfortable outdoor furniture for sitting, reading or sun-worshipping graces the seating nook of the pool house designed by W.G. Tait, Inc., opposite page and above. The house's sandy wall and cabinetry tones, along with its dark metal fixtures, above middle, bring to mind the seaside cottages of by-gone days. Landscaping on both pages by Sundown Gardens.

The design of outdoor living spaces is limited only by the homeowners' imaginations; here, W.G. Tait, Inc. Inc. built a welcoming gazebo and viewing bench next to the homeowners' private pond. A fountain provides visual style and aerates the pond for fish and flora.

An investment in attractive and functional outdoor furniture makes an outdoor living space more likely to be used regularly by homeowners, whether for entertaining guests or for spending time with the immediate family.

Another pool house designed by W.G. Tait, Inc. Inc., above and right, invites family and guests to relax over a tropical drink at the poolside bar, or, on a summer evening, carry on a casual conversation under the stars.

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